Tap Treats Halloween App Reviews

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Great for preschoolers and young ones

Although the app store automatically sets the recommended age to 9+ for anything with even a mild horror theme, this app's Halloween-related imagery is innocuous enough that it's really appropriate for all ages. One of the card pairs in the concentration game shows a cartoon skeletal hand coming up out of the ground, but that's about as intense as it gets. Best of all, even if your child finds one of the activities a little too spooky, there's still five other activities to play with. Three of the activities allow you to tap to change elements of the picture (pumpkin, monster, and witch), and there are even some funny sight gags in there, such as how you can change the witch's familiar into other animals, including a pig holding on to the broom for dear life or an elephant that barely fits on the end of the broom. Two of the other games are simple tap-the-target game, one with ghosts and one with spiders; the ghosts fade away with a moan, and the spiders climb back up their threads when tapped. The last game is a concentration-style card game; some of the really young kids won't be able to play it the way it is intended (i.e., searching for matches), but the flipping over of cards was still engaging to our two-year-old anyway. Both our two-year-old and our five-year-old enjoy this game, and neither are scared by anything in the game. We give it to them while waiting for food at restaurants, and it keeps them happy until our order comes.

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