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Tap Treats Halloween

4.2 ( 2352 ratings )
Игры Образование Семейные
Разработчик Barking Dog Interactive
0.99 USD


Its Halloween, and strange things are happening up at the haunted house on the hill!

"Tap Treats Halloween" is a fun way to celebrate everyones favorite haunted holiday with six spooky interactive toys for kids:

* JACK-O-LANTERN DESIGNER - Tap to carve different faces in the pumpkin. Do you want scary eyes or a goofy mouth? Use it to design this years Jack-O-Lantern!

* CREEPY CONCENTRATION - How many guesses will it take to match all the cards?

* MONSTER MAKER - This silly monster needs a new hairstyle! Tap different parts of the monster to change its face from scary to silly.

* TAP GHOSTS - Ghosts are floating out of the haunted house! Tap them to send them back to the spirit world before they escape.

* WHICH WITCH? - Tap the witch to give her different silly costumes, change her broom into other silly things like a mop or a giant carrot. Swap out her black cat for other animals, like a pig or a parrot.

* SPIDERS IN THE CELLAR - Creepy black spiders hang down from the ceiling. Tap them to send them scuttling back up into their webs.

None of the games require your child to be able to read, and offer a fun diversion while eating at the restaurant, or waiting in line at a haunted house.

Happy haunting from Barking Dog Interactive, makers of "Letter Writer Oceans".